Month of Nice

Month of NICE


Dear Believers,

Christmas is a time of loving and giving, when people are supposed to be on their best behavior. Many songs speak of this wonderful time using phrases like, “good will to men” and “peace on earth.” But a number of years ago, when I was out in the world checking on my Naughty and Nice List I became very sad. I witnessed people screaming at each other in traffic, children throwing temper tantrums in the parks, and customers making rude remarks to store clerks who didn’t help fast enough.

Christmas is such a special time of year that it sometimes puts undue stress on all of us. I think we want so badly for everything to be perfect that we react very poorly when things don’t go smoothly. But we can all do our part to fix that. That’s why I, Santa Claus, am proclaiming Thanksgiving until New Years the start of the MONTH OF NICE.

This is for everyone of all ages, all origins, and all religions. Every year from now on, for six short weeks, I’m asking you to be NICE. All I ask of you is to wake every morning and pledge to be NICE to yourself and everyone you come in contact with. Many of you are NICE all year long. That’s wonderful, for those this will be easy.

For those who aren’t, and you know I know who you are, I have a few tips. The next time you feel ready to explode, stop take a deep breath and count to ten before speaking. It really will help. The next time you find yourself in a line that’s not moving as fast as you’d like, instead of grumbling about how long it’s taking, try thinking of five things you’re grateful for. When holiday plans don’t work out the way you hope, consider what your friends and family will remember about them 10 years from now. Remember everything is relative.

Every year millions of people ask me for their hearts’ desires. This year and every year hereafter, I’m asking you to fulfill my deepest heartfelt wish, your pledge to be NICE for the entire season.

We can make the holidays a wonderful, magical time of the year for everyone. Just be NICE.

All I want in return from you is to pledge that everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years, you promise to be NICE to everyone.

It’s as simple as that. Who knows if it works out for the month, you might just adopt the attitude year round. But for now, I’m only asking for 864 hours. With sleep, it’s more like 612 hours.

Enjoy whatever you celebrate, anyone can be NICE for a month. If you take this pledge you will help change the world.

do pledge and promise to be nice for the month of NICE.

Here is Santa’s pledge:
I Santa Claus do pledge and promise to be NICE in the Month of NICE.

Please send this to everyone you know. Family, friends, co-workers and on-line buddies. Let’s all be responsible for spreading something NICE all over the world.
I project that in time millions will pledge to be NICE.
And yes, it does keep your name on my NICE list! HoHoHo!

If you keep believing
you keep receiving

Everyone loves Santa and
Santa loves everyone

Thank you and best wishes

Merry Christmas