Welcome to Santa’s Web Site


Welcome to the one and only true site for Santa Claus. As you read this, the jolly old elf is hard at work getting ready for Christmas. He might even be reading your letter to him at this very minute!

This year Santa’s got two new friends to help him prepare for the most wonderful time of the year. Tommy and Sugar are clones of real live elves! They also star in a new book Santa is working on for Christmas 2016.

Years ago, Santa used to send elves to the homes of boys and girls who were very good all year through. As times have changed, he needs all the help he can get back at the North Pole, so he can’t send live elves anymore. But you can still get a very special Tommy or Sugar clone of your very own for Christmas. Visit the Santa Store to learn more.

Santa welcomes fans of all ages the world over. He only has two rules; You must believe to see him and always, always, always be nice! Enjoy your visit.